I know we’re not the biggest, baddest school on the block, but we sure do have a lot of heart.

MTHS has always been in the back end of the district. We were always,”Monterey Jail” or “ghetto”.

Now, we are so successful. Our academics are improving. We have been recognized for something on an online site. Even though we scored low, we still got students going to out of state colleges and prestigious schools, like Stanford. Our athletics are improving. Let’s remember when the Lady Mustangs brought home the DVC title for basketball and volleyball. Our VAPA department is improving! Impulse has always been so successful. MT theatre has proved to be one of the front-runners in outstanding companies. We help amazing actors grow and succeed. Band has won received many recognitions and awards this year also. Choir is always beautiful. Our visual arts students win awards all the time!

I could go on and on about how strong our school is. Our students are some of the most dedicated and talented. Yeah, our college readiness level sucks, but our heart and spirit always shines through. We may not perform as a school, but we do perform well as individual students.

Once again, GO MUSTANGS.

I love my school! :D <3

(Source: ho-k-age)